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no reponse from submitted proposals

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Kanishka G Member Since: Dec 25, 2018
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I joined upwork some days back.

I purchased some 80-100 connects.

I submitted 18 proposals.

But I have got no response so far.

Why is this so?

Could you check my proposals submitted and give feedback whether they are good or not.


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Could you check my proposals submitted and give feedback whether they are good or not?"



We can't do that.


Forum participants are simply regular Upwork users, such as yourself. We are freelancers and clients. We do not have any special access to view the proposals that you have sent.


Some Upwork employees are able to view your proposals. But Upwork Forum Moderators (who actually are Upwork employees) DO NOT provide this service. Upwork Forum Moderators do not read the proposals that freelancers send and provide a review or evaluation or feedback about them. Upwork Customer Support employees do not do that, either.


You may wish to use the "Subject" search box in the Forum to search for threads about "proposals", and read some of the many, many threads that are dedicated to that subject. You may also wish to read about proposals in the Upwork Help section, or view videos on the topic.

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A.K. N Member Since: Oct 5, 2017
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As a longtime Upwork client, I can only say why I don't respond to most proposals. The vast majority are unqualified. For example I hire a lot of proofreaders, but never hire anyone who has typos in their proposals. I hire a lot of writers but never those who don't understand sentence structure. For any freelancer, I recommend not applying at random, as contracts are not awarded at random. You can submit 18 proposals or 18,000 propopsals, and not get one job. Or you can submit 1 proposal, for which you are the best qualified, and win it. Be selective.