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Patricia N Member Since: Mar 8, 2021
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Hello everyone.
I am new at Upwork. I have already sent 10 offer for a job as a translator and I have had any offer for a job yet. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or maybe beacuse I am new at it and don't know how it works. I am native speaker and writerbilingual in Portuguese and English where I attended school in both country . The only thing is that I dont have any more of my translation jobs that I have done in the past with me .... because of that , yesterday I translated an article from Portuguese to English to have something . Also many job that I have don in the U.S and here inBrazil as a Interpreter for a week I can't prove these tyoes of jobs. So if anyone could please give me any help on how to get a job here I would appreciate it. Thank you
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Unless you are completely bilingual, you should always translate into your native language.This is not a criticism, it is how it works in the translation world. I am sure your spoken English is very good and I am sure, it is adequate for certain kinds of live interpreting, but judging from your profile and your post, your written English is not good enough, grammatically or idiomatically, to offer as a Portuguese to English translator. 


You seem to have very little translating experience, so I think you should start with  offering English to Portuguese translation and with smaller jobs (not cheaper necessarily) and in subjects that you would be comfortable translating.  Your interests seem to be in the medical field, so concentrate on these and try to get some relevant translations - Portuguese to English - into your portfolio. (See if you can get permission to translate into Portuguese relevant medical articles taken from journals, or the internet, or from research students etc.) 


You offer many skills in your profile. Be sure, when you apply for these sorts of jobs,that you would be happy and confident working in those roles.I think you should start with just one interest and build up from there.