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Hello fellow Moroccans! I'm new to Upwork and I'm quite lost concerning payment methods. 

I would like it if you could share with me your experience. How do you get paid? Through Paypal, Payoneer, both...? And why? Which method (s) or plateform (s)  is (are) the most convinient and safe? I want a solution that will enable me to pay online, to receive money without limits and to transfer my money to my local bank SAFELY without any problems. And of course, I would like to have an idea about the fees. 

I have a bank account at la Banque populaire. Do you think it's the best choice or shall I switch to another bank (specially for linking it with paypal or payoneer or any other plateform)? 
Please I really need help on this matter! 

Thank you in advance Smiley Happy