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Edward G Member Since: Sep 22, 2014

Hi, Jamiil.  I see several areas for improvement in your profile.  First, are you freelancing as an electrical engineer or as a translator?  The two fields require different approaches.  You should either position yourself as a technical translator capable of translate complex material between French and English -OR- position yourself as a bilingual electrical engineer.


Second, the Overview in your profile is essentially your job descriptions.  I'd move those descriptions down into your employment history.  For your overview, you want to describe what you can do for Upwork clients in the areas of engineering and/or translation, not what you did during your internships.


Third, remove the "below average" spelling test for now.  Study hard on US English spelling and then take the test again until you can get a Top 20% or higher score.


Fourth, you haven't yet proved yourself in the freelancing world or as a long-term employee.  Your rate is likely too high for entry-level freelancing.  I'd recommend lowering it on your profile and definitely on your applications until you get established.


Finally, make sure that the jobs you apply for are those you can bring unique value to.  Don't just fire off applications at random.  Instead, pursue listings that would really benefit from your mix of technical education and bilingual ability.