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Hello Mohammed. I tried to use skrill but it asks for Identity verification in which I chose the second choice to verify it using my bank account. (the choice is: Verify your bank account (within 3 banking days).. We will make a payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment we will include a unique verification code which you will have to enter back at our site. So I actually don't have any idea how to proceed .. When I chose that choice the following message appeared with no further choices other than entering the required verification code (In order to verify your bank account, you need to request a bank transfer withdrawal with an amount less than USD 15.00. We will then make a payment for this amount to your bank account and include a unique verification code in its reference field. This is the code which you will have to enter after you receive the payment. ) Thanks in advance for your help. And sorry for the long post. Regards, Mahmoud