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I used skrill and so far it is so good, at first i tried verfiication via address and i just recieved it yesterday, and now i can send the money easily. i also tried the 15$ way and money have been recieved to my account but i could not find a way to get the verification code from my bank. So i guess the best way is the address verification but be sure to write your information right (franco arab would be great) as well as to be sure of your own postal code. The expenses are not that much 1$ from Odesk, 2.2$ from Skrill and CIB take 3.5$ for any sum less than dollar (the exchange rate will be the on of the day recieved , mine was 6.04 EGP/US$). so overall 6.7$/wihdrawl is not too much, actially it is less than the local wire transfer method. The only issue for skrill is if they decide that money from Odesk is a bussiness money and change the account to a merchant account, the fees of merchant account would be much much more.