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Hello Waleed,


Congrats on your impressive start with upwork.


Here is my experience so far with my withdrawals:

The best way that i decided to go with eventually after a lot of research is the wire transfer. I know - I know 30$ could be a huge number in comparison with the 2$ fee for other methods. But actually it saves you a lot of many as any other service will charge you a percentage of your total earnings but 30$ is always a fixed price specially if you are gonna save up on up work and transfer large sums of money each time.


In addition, i urge you to open an account in Dollars with the National Bank of Egypt as its quota is also fixed and very low (only 4$ per each incoming transfer). ( you have to have 200$ in cash to open the bank account with).


So in the end if you thought about it the fees on transferring 1000$ is 34$ which means only 3.4% (there is no comparison really) and if you managed to transfer 2000$ the percentage will actually go down to 1.7%.


Oh, and the most important reason of all; you get your earning in Dollars and you can withdraw them from the bank (or keep them there) in the same currency. While in comparison you get your earnings with a card and withdraw them from an ATM which will get you your earnings in Egyptian pounds and you will also pay for a conversion fee.


One last note; your name on the bank account and your upwork name must match or you will face issues with your transfers.


Hope i could have helped; please don't hesitate to ask any thing.


Best of luck,