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Hello Peter,

Today I went to NBE to open an account in USD. It was ironic that the personnel after 2 hours of waiting asked me if I have a passport or if I'm moving abroad!. I showed him my national ID stating my job as an academic staff. He informed that accounts in USD are only opened if I have an Egyptian account in NBE or if I'm going "to receive money from Arab countries". I was shocked that he insisted that he would open an account only when I receive money from abroad. 


My original bank "Arab Bank" allows me to open subacoount in USD while I'm at home from my online account at no cost. Those NBE was the weirdest thing happened to me ever to refuse to open a normal USD account.


My conclusion, never go to NBE (or if any Egyptian is interested), please go ahead and share your experience if otherwise.


Anyway, I'll go with PayPal. It takes 4% from transfer and 5USD for total transfer for any amount below $10,0000. I already tested it and it works fine.