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Dear Mohamed,

During the past period. I got the oppoertunity to try the three payment methods:

  1. Payoneer: After verifying my identity (using national ID). I successfully added my Egyptian bank accounts (both EGP and USD) and requested not to get the credit card they send (with 25$ fees so I saved myself from this). The fees are 2% of the sent amount (min. of 200$).My bank fees was 10$ if less than 1000$ and 20$ if 1000$ or more per transaction.
  2. PayPal:Since PayPal is linked to my credit card. I had to upgrade the account of PayPal for free to "Business" to be able receive money from UpWork or any other website. PayPal takes 5$ per trasnaction but money is transferred in EGP and the bank took like 25 EGP over all. But pay attention that on another freelancing website, the PayPal service took nothing as fees. Others took 4%. I'm not sure about UpWork as I haven't used it on this particular site.
  3.  Wire transfer:It is a 30$ in addition to reception fees (same as Payoneer above).


So it is now up to you to select the best method. Just make sure to NOT WRITE ANY COMMENTS when you send Payoneer transfer as it caused my transaction to be held for a week (I only wrote UpWork payment).


Another thing is your bank fees may vary from bank to another and also possibility to open a USD bank account. The NBE refused to open an account until I receive my first transaction. On the other hand, The Rab bank made me open my USD account from home.