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Roudayna S Member Since: Dec 23, 2011
I am from Egypt. After the talk about stopping the wire fire local currency transfer what is the best method people from Egypt is going to use? This is so sad and bad decision to stop the wire fire transfer. Now I have money on odesk and there is NO paypal in Egypt Payoneer is so expensive Skrill or moneybookers, i made myself an account but I don't know anything about its costs or how to use. The site was not useful Can anyone help me? Can people from Egypt tell me what they will do to take there money?
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Mohamed Z Member Since: Apr 16, 2012
Hi Jenny I have the same problem here, I'll try to send a small amount via Skrill , The fee calculator in Skrill says that the fees is €1.80 for wire bank transfer but this is only the site fees for any bank transfer transaction, there will be a bank fees too, and I hope it's not 30$ like ODesk. Regards, Mohamed
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Peter S Member Since: Aug 6, 2008
I am really upset about cancelling Local Wire Transfer . Skrill considers money from odesk as business so you have to open Merchant account. and Fees are for receiving money 3.90% + 0.35€ then withdrwal will cost around $2.5 + intermediate banks may take some money. + too much verification required and stupid forms filled . I think the only option is normal wire transfer which costs $30 you can save some money then transfer every few months or use Payoneer which is very boring and expensive and hard to estimate the it's rate. PLEASE ODESK get the local money transfer back to make a check option pleaaaaase
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Rasha Hamdy Mohame A Member Since: Nov 12, 2012
Hi i need some one form egypt to tell me how could i receive my money from Odesk in egypt .
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Ahmed K Member Since: Dec 31, 2011
** Roudanya ,Do u know that the best way to me is payoneer ,its very easy to deal and more safe and u can withdrew your balance any time with small fees only 2 dollor for the withdrew not 30$ dollor as the wire method .only payonner take 3$ for month (3$ is nothing for month) and they are safe and trustful .they not take any other thing .payoneer is like u have a moving bank with you and u can trust it. the one thing which make others think payoneer take a lot is ,its just take from u roughly 15$ for the first shipment (15$ to send the payoneer mastercard to u only for first time .and only for your life...they didn't take any more from you after this ,just 3$ per month) ------------------------------------- ** *"Removed by admin"
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Muhammed M Member Since: Dec 22, 2016

Hello dear,


you can recieve your money via payoneer bank 




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Amr S Member Since: Jun 16, 2012
It is now so hard for us to withdraw money, the fees to draw are huge as well as there is stupid setup for other payments other than the local wire transfer. I think we should all contact Odesk to see why they cancelled the local wire transfer.
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Nissim A Member Since: Jan 28, 2011
Hi Jenny, I'd be very interested if you could provide me with some feedback as to why you do not prefer using Payoneer. Even if you do not plan to use our service, we are always looking to improve our services, so hearing from you will be much appreciated. You can contact me at
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Ahmed M Member Since: Feb 28, 2012
I am thinking of shifting to Payoneer now that the local currency transfer is out, but I dont understand the fees especially so that I could put it in comparison with Moneybookers for example how much in average do I have to pay yearly and at first to activate, another drawback is the fact that ATM withdrawal is expensive for the payoneer mastercard. still I am thinking through using Payoneer because it's easier,faster and available through other websites as a withdrawal method.
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Peter S Member Since: Aug 6, 2008
Very Simple answer . a horrible exchange rate , while 1$ = 6.05 EGP when i withdraw using payoneer you take 3% exchange rate so last time i used it . it exchanged 1$ for 5.82 EGP which is really low compared to 6.05 + i had more than 1000 USD so i had to withdraw it on 2 times so i lost $5 which is the 2 withdrawal fees + maintaiance fees + transfer fees . if i used local money transfer i only lose 2% + 2$ . compared to payoneer i lose 3% + 3$ + 2$ + 2.5$ and sometimes another 2.5$ Also one of the most bad things i hate about payoneer is it's impossible to estimate exchange rate so i always lose another 90 cents for declined withdraw please try to find a solution for that that doesn't include leaving another $5 margin. Any way i think right now after cancelling local withdrawal method Payoneer is the best . Skrill takes 4% fees + 2.5 withdrawal fees. I hate percentage fees i would love to have any withdrawal method that doesn't include any percentage fees , i don't mind any kind of flat fees