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Very Simple answer . a horrible exchange rate , while 1$ = 6.05 EGP when i withdraw using payoneer you take 3% exchange rate so last time i used it . it exchanged 1$ for 5.82 EGP which is really low compared to 6.05 + i had more than 1000 USD so i had to withdraw it on 2 times so i lost $5 which is the 2 withdrawal fees + maintaiance fees + transfer fees . if i used local money transfer i only lose 2% + 2$ . compared to payoneer i lose 3% + 3$ + 2$ + 2.5$ and sometimes another 2.5$ Also one of the most bad things i hate about payoneer is it's impossible to estimate exchange rate so i always lose another 90 cents for declined withdraw please try to find a solution for that that doesn't include leaving another $5 margin. Any way i think right now after cancelling local withdrawal method Payoneer is the best . Skrill takes 4% fees + 2.5 withdrawal fees. I hate percentage fees i would love to have any withdrawal method that doesn't include any percentage fees , i don't mind any kind of flat fees