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Hello Islam,


Egyptian Paypal account can't receive money unless you have 

1 US bank account

OR 2 a Visa card "that accepts Paypal withdrawal not all of them do"

The reason is that you can NOT use your PayPal balance for shopping or transfer it to another account so you will have to withdraw your Paypal balance to one of the two methods mentioned above 

for more info please visit
if you do have one of them linked to your PayPal account and still couldn't receive money, please contact PayPal support they will help you with your issue.

Please keep in mind that you can link a card to your Paypal that PayPal considers accepting withdrawals "so you can recieve money" but in fact it's not, in this case your money will be STUCK there so if you are not sure, try to search for withdrawal from Paypal in Egypt "you will find more info in Arabic"


What I recommend however is to use the transfer to bank account "SWIFT" Upwork fee is 30$ and your bank may take some amount so this method works well with relatively big amounts so try to save some money first

if you choose this route I'd recommend AAIB as it took 0$ of the incoming Upwork transfer before, but you may find other banks with better overall fees or special programs for youth.

Others may help you with the other withdrawal methods.