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Yes I agree with you Sir, have struggling and trying my best Sir, to get it but it seems sturborn.

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I was recently approved here. Please which option is more reliable for cashing out payments?
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Hello Gabriel,


First of all, congratulations on your profile approval and welcome to Upwork. There are various ways you can get paid here on Upwork. However, the fastest and most convenient way is the Local Bank transfer.  It's the fastest because it takes less than 3 hours(for me, I use GTB)  to get credited, most convenient because you get the naira equivalent, no hassle of trying to sell your dollars. Finally, it's quite cheap, the transaction fee is less than $1.00.


Just add your bank details and your bank swift code(search the internet, its there) and within a few business days, your account will be confirmed. Note: Your account name and Upwork account name should be the same.


However, if you need your earnings in dollars, probably you want to make some transactions in dollars directly or you have an easy way of reselling the dollars, you can go Payoneer.


For now, your key focus is to land those jobs and build your job success, getting paid is one of the easiest processes on Upwork. Once again, you are welcome and good luck.


"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."

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Thanks Akinbode for this info. But my major confusion here is, do I need to have a domiciliary account to receive payment?
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Please how do you go about it. They keep turning my request down


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I agree 100%


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i would say am having the same issue, because my profile is yet to be approved. 

Even after taking the tests. dont know what to do. 

my major skill is in wordpress website, e-commerce, learning management system and also moderate knowledge in graphics


and i will appreciate if anyone can provide me their customer support email address.

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Hi Afolabi,


Firstly, I do not think profile approval on Upwork is controlled by humans but by alogrithms for the first stage before the humans do the once that came through the first stage.


However, checking your profile, it is too weak if I may say.  You still need to go back and tweak it. You should not just resubmit after being rejected. I will list some things I feel you should brace up on your profile.


  1. You do not have a portfolio
  2. There are no tests at all. Take tests that are relevant to your skills and the Upwork readiness test too.
  3. One line or two line sentence for your experience is not enough. Explain what you do or did.
  4. Make sure you have 100% profile completeness.
  5. Is your email a professional email? I mean it includes your name and not some fancy aliases.

These are just tips and doesn't gurantee the approval, but I wish you success.


Kind regards,

Akinbode A.



"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

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Hello everyone, its been really difficult to land jobs for me. Have got my profile working for a long time now still no jobs come by where am i making mistakes. Any help thanks