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Hi there! I'm new to Egypt and I would appreciate any sugestions about the best way to withdraw.


I need to receive and retrunsfer funds to my employers out of Egypt.


Since 2015 PayPal allows to withdraw money in Egypt, has anyone tried it? I saw applied limitations by PaPal at forums only that a user 1) can withdraw money in 30 days after receiveing funds, 2) abligated to withdraw money and not to send them online.


Additionaly, when I wonted to open USD account with connection to Internet, CIB and Arab African banks told me that I would have to funnd about 5 000 pounds on my account. Yet, they have no idea wether PayPal will work or not. 3 days ago I wrote these inquiries to PayPal support but they haven't aswered yet.


I hope to get any help here! Thank you in advance!