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Hello Everybody,


My Opinion in this case because CBE insist to close doors and destroy hope in facing every young with bad decisions:


1. Open dollars account in any bank start from $25, $50, $100 you want and ask about fees to get low fees, you have Alex, Misr, NBE, Caire or as you like, why that you need it if anyone send to you by wire transfer and all business in Egypt depend on it.


2. Open credit card account with start minumum amount from 4K to.... on any bank but ask on everythings like fees and paypal transfer in/out and payments on the internet and fees for account and how to not paid interest by use it on;y to paid online.


3. Use alternative paypal way is "" it useful because you can make withdrew from you wallet your bank account dollars account and also you can make electronic invoice and send it to any one and also you can make paid link inside your blog, website and email.


Hope this info be useful to all people and i apologize if my language english not good. HostKda