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Have been here for 2yrs and have not been able to make any sales.Smiley Sad

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Adefola M Member Since: Aug 25, 2017

Pls is it possible to buy upwork connects through local bank naira  debit master card.thks

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Adefola M Member Since: Aug 25, 2017
Then there's something I also noticed.2yrs ago when I joined Upwork I got a project and immediately I finished the project I wasn't paid.I now thought about my naija brethrens that normally scam foreigners.I was really angry with myself.I felt I wanted to do something great for myself and my country and here I am being scammed by a foreigner.I felt deep inside myself that instead I should be scamming them but here I am being scammed which is the opposite.I fucckeed up big time.I felt I should really show them the through Omo ibele 😁.
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Stephen M Member Since: Dec 5, 2019
This is wrong bro.. WE ARE NOT SCAMMERS.. most are, WE ARE NOT
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Oluwafunmilade A Member Since: Apr 17, 2019
This comment is not it, chief.
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Theresa D Member Since: Mar 28, 2019
Upwork has rules that protect you from getting cheated out of money you worked for.

1. Clear communication where everything is talked about and agreed.

2. Money in escrow before work begins. Never start any job until money has been placed in escrow.

3. Maintain communication with your client so that you are able to meet their requirements.

Sorry you got cheated. Try again. Try to follow the rules. Be patient.
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Onoriode E Member Since: Dec 25, 2019
Please i am pharmacologist and i have joined upwork almost a year now. I am yet to get a job. I have submitted about 3 proposal but no feedback.
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Olumide A Member Since: Feb 1, 2019
Im also quite new here as i just joined about two weeks ago. 3 proposals is quite small to wait for replies.
Ive submitted over 10 proposals the past week, and i got 3 jobs from them.
So I’d say the more the proposals, the higher your chances.
Good luck!
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Akinbode A Member Since: Nov 1, 2016

Hi Onoriode, 


3 proposals is nothing to what you should be doing. You cn do better. Due to the new membership rules on Upwork, I'd advice you upgrade to the plus plan so you can get enough connects to apply for jobs. 


Also try to review your proposal writing skills. Kindly check through this thread to get some tips.


Kind regards,

Akinbode A.

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Alo O Member Since: Jan 23, 2020

Hi Akinbode,

I just joined upwork few days ago and I have completed two orders as a graphic designer.. When I tried to access my balance with 'Get paid', I get this information:

Before withdrawing funds, all non-U.S. persons must provide their W-8BEN tax information.


Legal Name of Business: (Provide the same name as shown on your tax return.)

Please, what to do? Can I just put my graphics name or do I have to kind of visit a tax office or something? Does that mean Tax will be removed on the little amount I'm making? I'm confused. Please help!