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Hi Shardae,


I am Jamaican and I have been active on Upwork about two months straight now, even though I joined more than a year now. Upwork excites me every time I come on here searching for that "perfect" job. I feel like it serves a great purpose in the hiring world and so many people benefit from working on here. My first job was a scam, and my second job interview the client interviewed me and just disappeared lol. 


But overall I have landed three jobs since then and I feel very optimistic about the future as I will be looking for bigger and better with the more experience I gather.


I am constantly updating my profile because every day I learn something new, a new skill and try to find new innovative tools to master. I apply to a lot of jobs on a weekly basis, I don't get as much feedback as i think I would, but I believe that is just because I have not received enough work to make my profile stand out even more but eventually I will.


I aim to get a "Rising Talent" status and move up to "Top Rated" or anyone I get first lol. 


Keep upgrading yourself on here and keep seeking and you will eventually find is my advice to you. The right jobs are here for you, and I see from your profile you have done a great job on the jobs you've done so far.




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