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Hi marian,


Yes that is true, but do continue to apply for jobs and eventually you will land one.


Firstly, you need to have a great profile. Try to have your profile as updated as possible, and always ensure it is up to date as you learn new skills every day so make sure to incorporate those on there. 


Secondly, you do research on your client before applying. Read reviews from other freelancers who have worked with that client before to see what they said about them. Also look for a name. Some freelancers post their client's name in their feedback and this really helps you in your proposal when applying to personalize and wow your future client. Also I always like to tick that option that says payment is verified in the left side of your page when searching for jobs. Non verified clients may be legitimate too but I like to be on the safer side.


Thirdly, after you've decided this is the job you want to apply to, ensure you write a winning proposal to secure that job. If you know the clients name make sure to mention it starting off with for example "Hi John" to break the ice instead of dear sir/madam. Tell your client why you are a great fit for this position and why they should hire you instead of any one else. Emphasize your skills, any successful projects/portfolio items and experience.


Remember Marian, you may only get interviewed at first for 1/10 jobs you apply to, but doing these 1/10 jobs to the best of your ability and getting your deserved 5star rating can lead to so much more in the long run(The bigger picture). 


I hope this helped somewhat Smiley Happy.




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