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Hi Ann,

I currently use both. I'm in Jamaica btw. Sorry to hear you had trouble with your payoneer card, but payoneer is very reliable as I've been using it over a year now. Just request a new card if something happened to that one. Now as to direct to local, yes it works perfect. Just attach your ncb or Scotia bank acct, preferably ncb for faster transfer. Once you initiate a transfer a jmmb money transfer representative will call you and ask you to fill out a form. This is a one time process. From there on you'll be good to go, each time you send money it will be transferred to your account within 24hrs time in jmd currency.

I would advise you to keep payoneer so you can withdraw the US dollars from s Scotia abm and save it in a US account for accumulation and use direct to local bank to top up your regular jmd account with the amount you'll need for the week or bi weekly, etc. This also avoids payoneer fee's from multiple withdrawal.

Hope this helps.
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