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Meet your San Diego Upwork Ambassador, Dana Rowley


Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers located in Southern California, we’re excited to introduce you to Dana Rowley, your Upwork Ambassador in San Diego.



“I’m a marketing and brand strategist that’s earned Top Rated status on Upwork. Upwork has played a large role in focusing my business as a freelance marketer. I really do believe that the ability to align the best person with each project helps companies get the best outcome, while also empowering people to make a living off their strengths. I’m really excited to connect and support the Upwork community in my hometown of San Diego! I look forward to helping the Upwork talent in this area focus their efforts, earn more work and enable us to all learn from each other – and maybe vent about freelancer frustrations and have some fun too! I look forward to meeting you.”  

-- Dana, Upwork Ambassador in San Diego


Dana will be inviting you to events in San Diego, where you can meet other freelancers in and around San Diego to share best practices, hear from experts on relevant topics, and get your questions answered.  The invites will be sent to Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers via e-mail. 


Use this Community forum thread to stay in touch with freelancers you meet at local events, share feedback and photos, and to reach out to Dana with any questions.