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Hi everyone. Kingston native here.


I actually did a search and there are a ton of Jamaicans on Upwork, and many of them are doing incredibly well. Which means that the rest of us can do very well also. Once we keep ourselves well educated and up to date with our respective crafts, Upwork itself and the freelancing/self-employment industry in general, and stick to it, then we are bound to find success.


I've been on Upwork for a while, back when it was still oDesk, but I'm only just now beginning to really take it seriously. I'm hoping that with a few more jobs, more certifications and an expanded portfolio I can command a higher rate and interest more potential clients.


I really appreciate the flexibility of commanding my own time, being able to work from where I choose and to be earning US currency. Not to mention, I'm less beholden to any one or singular group of persons. 


The only issues I have are 1) all of the fees involved when getting my money through Payoneer and 2) how long it takes to get it straight to my bank account, but as problems go those are not bad problems to have.