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@Ivan Q wrote:

 Hi, I am a bit confused, last month my connects were renewed on the 18th but this time my connects were not renew again and to be honest I am a bit afraid, a few weeks ago I tried to report a suspicious client and I got an email from Upwork telling me that I was not going to be able to apply for jobs anymore. Fortunately, I tried submitting proposals and someone hired me but now that my connects are not being renewed I am afraid, am I not going to be able to keep applying for more jobs? I did not do anything wrong, please help.


Thank you

Hi Ivan,


It looks like you were able to articulate your feelings well.  It is, indeed, scary to be unable to look for work.  But I guess the principle behind such a phenomenon is "proper work ethics" -- that we get to finish one contract at a time and that our client is satisfied when he/she decides to terminate our life support system.  That way, we will be able to build a reputation that we are finishers.  I think clients need to have that assurance.