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There is no limit on invoices of more or less than 1000$


The limit is yearly and you should consult an accountant for this. 

The difference is not between Invoice E or C but between being "monotributista" or "responsable inscripto.


I understand (not being an accountant)  that these are the boundaries for being monotributista


I think we could only be up to Category H 

That means that we should not earn more than 896043,90 $ in a year (and depending on that value there are several categories inside monotributista)


That's the difference between monotributista (cheap and almost no administrative effort) or responsable inscripto (21 % of each invoice / less a % of what you spend / more a lot of other presentations and taxes). Monotributista is only (Today) up to 896043.90 pesos argentinos yearly. More than that it should be only "responsable inscripto"


As Julio states invoce C or E depends on your customer. 

Monotributista -> Argentine customer in Argentina : Invoice C (it pays IIBB - Ingresos Brutos)

Monotributista -> Foreign Customer in another country : Invoice E (Export Services does not pay IIBB)


I expect this is clear for you. 


About which is the best or cheap I prefer not to mention because I think it depends in confidence on the Provider, where is the office, how many invoices and which value, and how time consuming is each option.  I didn't take time to make that evaluation. 


What I mention is about personal experience (making mistakes in the process) and I am not professional in that.