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Hello Lena, I apologize for posting this on your message but this is the only way I 've been abel to submitt any questions to upWork. I have tried other comunities, chat bot, etc. I hope someone in the comunity can shed some light and -if lucky- I can have upWork staff taking notice.

I have been involved in technology and developing applications my whole life. When I heard of upWork I got so excited to found a place where any business can look for talented and serious freelancers.

For several days now I have been trying to get my application to join accepted. In all cases I have been denied but the email acompanying the decition gives no information beside "...we are unable to accept your Upwork freelancer registration at this time". There is no real reason or pointers on what is missing or what can I do for what I perceive to be a completely arbitrary decision with no good justification.

Looking at the posted jobs with my skills I always find that I have the right knowledge, experience and skills to carry the vast majority of them. This makes me wonder if the approval decision is more random than based in demand, skills, price ranges, etc.

Any insigth or constructive comments are appreciated (


Thak you