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Brandon C Member Since: May 7, 2019

Yesterday, I received two messages from Upwork.
One is that my account has been placed on hold because of my irregular activity.
And the other requires me to do video call to verify my identity.
All my jobs were ended and I can't apply to the jobs now.
What do I have to do now?
Hope to hear solution from you.

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Muhammad Akber A Member Since: Oct 22, 2017

Hello Brandon,


Sorry to hear about your account but as you mention upwork ask you to do a video call i believe they want to do ID verification and will grant you access back. Please follow the instructions provided by upwork to your registered email address.


Wish you luck.

Akber Ali
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David C Member Since: Nov 10, 2019
I'm new on this platform and my account was recently suspended just before I could apply for jobs. What can I do for the suspension to be lifted?