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I am going to try posting in here as I had no luck interacting with a real human support on this platform (keep getting automated responses from bots on my ticket). So, I have recently registered on UpWork to provide my services as an already established & experienced web designer/developer. However, I got declined at first with an explanation that the platform is overly saturated at the moment. By reading community forum, I saw that other established freelancers on the platform were suggesting that you automatically get approved if a client invites you to work for him through BYO program. Earlier today I got invited and singed a new contract with a client that found me through referral & picked me to work with him on this project, and many more to come. The issue is that even after accepting the invitation from this client I am still not approved from UpWork to search nor apply for any other jobs.


Would really appreciate if you could assist me with this.