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I am using upwork since 2012 and I am not able to find which method is the cheapest or best to withdraw money in pakistan.


Is it (Skrill) or (Local Funds Transfer)


I am using skirll.So please anybody can tell me to those who are from pakistan.


Please let me know.




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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014

Payoneer card is the best, cheap and quicker than that of others. You can get payment within 30 minutes. 

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Suleman I Member Since: Dec 15, 2012

Hello Abdul,


Thanks for suggesting me to use payoneer.So can further tell me how to use payoneer account to withdraw money in pakistan.


I have checked it the It contains a master card so which Atm I have to use it and can this be possbile that I withdraw money directly to my bank account from payonner ?


Please let me know.




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Syed Muhammad W Member Since: Aug 24, 2015


You can use any ATM of Standard Chartard Bank or Muslim Commercial Bank for withdrawal using your Payoneer master card.

Happy Bidding

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Hello there,


I am freelancer here on UpWork and earned some money Smiley Happy and now I want to withdraw money using Payoneer debit master card

My problem is that I have UpWork account with different email and Payoneer with a different Email account. 


Can I transfer money from UpWork to Payoneer then withdraw from Payoneer?


Or suggest the best method


Thanks in advance 


Junaid Ahmed

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Rashid H Member Since: Jan 18, 2020

I have withdrawn My first earnings in my Payoneer but did not get yet. Can anyone tell how long it takes

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You ahould yse your local bank
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Hello Suleman,


It's neither Skrill not Local Funds Transfer (LFT). Go for Payoneer for fast transfer and best conversion rate.


Happy working,

Syed Nayab.

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Hi Suleman


Local Funds Transfer is the best option for you. 

Where Payoneer might sound feasible, please read this about Payoneer:

  • It takes about a month if everything is perfect and if there are any flaws or issues while you were registering your account on Payoneer, it can take a lifetime to get the card - or even, you never get the card.
  • Payoneer charges a lot, they have card activation fee, withdrawal fees (everytime you withdraw an amount from ATM), transfer fee (when you transfer your funds from freelancing platform to Payoneer, e.g. Upwork to Payoneer), and annual fee as well.
  • There are certain withdrawal limits on ATMs and it varies from ATM to ATM. So if you have 5000USD and ATM withdrawal limit is just 20000 PKR (200USD), which is on many ATMs, that means you have to do many transaction to get 5000USD and you will be charged an ATM withdrawal fee on each transaction. So end of the day, you end up paying a lot! 

    So with Local Funds Transfer you only get charged $5 (that too by UpWork) on each withdrawal and you get your payments sent directly to your bank account within 1-2 working days.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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Syed Mohsin Ali G Member Since: Feb 10, 2016

Banks and all these money matters baffle me.

I have to set some method for withdrawing funds and i am not sure which method suits me.


Has anyone used Standard Chartered Account for withdrawal?


Are there some prerequisites and precautions for a successful withdrawal?