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Hello my fellow Sri Lankan Upworkers, I'm about to tell you guys the method I use to withdraw funds from Upwork.

First create a Skrill account ( please try to verify the account and also make sure you create this account in US dollars). Next add your RFC bank account to your Skrill account. Then add the Skrill account to Upwork.

If you don't have a RFC account here's how to create one -

First go to Upwork's Reports section and go to More Reports and download the Certificate of earnings and get a hard copy of it. Then go to your preferred bank ( you can try any other bank but according to research BOC seems to be the best ) and create a RFC account showing the hard copy of the Certificate of earnings ( usually $100 is required to open a RFC account but if we show this document we can open one for free). You will be getting a debit card as well. And also make sure you all create an online banking account as well. The first benefit of creating a RFC account is that this account will be maintained in dollars (or any other currency you prefer) and not in rupees and if we withdraw dollars from skrill the same dollar amount will be credited to your RFC account within 2-5 days ( it usually comes in 2 days time). And the second benefit you have is that you can withdraw money in rupees when the exchange rates are high. And the third benefit is that these are tax free..Smiley Happy

Here's the Breakdown of the withdrawal fees ($4.29)-

Upwork to Skrill - $1

Skrill to RFC - $ 3.29

I strongly believe that this is the cheapest and easiest method to withdraw funds to Sri Lanka. Let me know if you all have any questions. Thanks.