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Hi Deborah, 

I too migrated from Elance and after coming in to Upwork I created a Skrill account and I'm withdrawing money from there. I use Skrill because it's really faster and cheaper than the free withdrawal method Elance offered. It only costs you $1 per withdrawal regardless of how many withdrawals you do(from Upwork to Skrill) and Skrill will charge you around $ 3.29 per withdrawal. My suggestion for you is to wait until the end of each month to withdraw money from Upwork and if you do that it'll only cost you $4.29(Upwork to Skrill + Skrill to Bank account). 
Also please feel free to create a USD RFC account as I mentioned in my above post so that you can get the benefit of withdrawing money in Sri Lankan rupees when the exchange rates are high. Let me know if you need to know anything else Smiley Happy

- Shehan