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There is just ONE MORE amazing thing that occurred as regards my housing loan application.  When I asked for the Official Receipt (which is usually given as a replacement of the acknowledgment receipt that comes with the check) three days after my payment transaction, I was asked by the administrative staff member to request for a copy of the Amended Reservation Agreement.  


When I finally had a copy of the Amended RA, I realized that the 4% discount was taken in by the Developer.  It appeared in the document that I paid for the full amount.  But in reality, they gave me a cash gift (which I used to fund my checking account)!  


I noticed, too, that my first reaction was to ask about the 0.06 difference, instead of celebrating the blessing.  I felt ashamed when I realized how good the company has been to me.  I hope that they will continue to nourish my family's dream of owning a "roof over our head" despite my short-sightedness and limitations.


Way to go, Cumberland (am I violating the ToS for mentioning the name of my "benefactor"?).