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When the clock strikes 12:00 am later, my countdown for when we will officially be migrating to our new house and lot will begin.


According to the Marketing Specialist I have talked with, the full payment of the equity does not guarantee that I and my family will be able to transfer to the new house and lot that we are aiming for in the blink of an eye.  There is one more condition that is prerequisite to the speedy processing of our housing loan.  It looks like the house must be 100% or fully contsructed first.  Right now, the construction is about 70% done.  This is not inclusive of all fixtures yet.


Also, she made mention of the fact that my ITRs and monthly percentage tax returns must always be accomplished even beyond 2018 which is the termination date of the house equity payments.


Otherwise, I will have to bring Plan B into full force.


Meanwhile, I and my family are having a vacation in this little room and saving whatever amount we can.  Whew!


So, there seems to be a glimmer of hope with the coming of the new year.  And yes, to every Filipino freelancer.