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Following the advice of the marketing specialist of the land developer, I have been submitting tax documents such as the Monthly Percentage Tax Return, BIR Form 0605 (for the renewal of registration), and annual ITR.  When I spoke with my broker, she told me that the earliest time possible for early move-in procedures will either be April or May, 2017.  As a consequence I had to make sure that my son gets to be enrolled early on at a school near our future home.  This is going to be a calculated risk since if we finally get to move in later than May, 2017 then we will have to adjust to the commuting schedules.  Anyway, he has been enrolled already after a thorough interview he had with his future teacher in Grade 1.


I just noticed that the pressure to come up with a tax return every month has been intense these past few weeks.  I am just grateful to my clients who continue to give me tasks and trust me with the Team App.  I think that more than having to own a house and lot, winning my clients' trust is like touching base with an earthly haven.  Furthermore, I can sense that my family's house-and-lot journey this year is also the journey of Filipino freelancers capable of dreaming and I am grateful to them who have suddenly shown interest in taxes and knocked at my door via PM option.