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What do you mean when you say voucher?  There is no such thing as voucher when one establishes herself as a business individual.  Official receipts/invoices are necessary.  When you get to have a Certified Public Accountant audit your tax documents you need to present everything that is stated in your COR.  I do not understand why Pag-IBIG would insist to have UW SVP's identification card.


Actually, the whole house-and-lot affair is not a dramatic quest.  It simply is a rent-to-own scheme that I can do even when I do not use UW as my platform for instance.  Having a roof over my head is as basic a human need as being able to see my biological father in person.


Right after I replied to your post, I received a text message stating that there are "properties in McKinley Hill near Venice Grand Canal Mall and that cash discount is up to 12% and each housing unit starts at Php 7.5M".  I think that whoever was texting me failed to see my point.