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Hey! Good Day y'all.


If there is anyone I can talk to regarding the step by step procedure on how to register myself as a self-employed tax payer here in the Philippines would be highly appreciated.

Just a heads up, i dont know anything about BIR and stuff. Im totally dumb when it comes to these things.


I spoke to an accountant who was referred by a friend and was informed I cant be registered as a sole prorietor because I dont have a business I tried to explain that im offering my skill as my service to my clients (i know it doesnt sound right lol) but she just insists its not possible where i know infact that its possible based on some articles i read online.

Makes me wonder, maybe the process would eat up all of your energy and knowing how gov't offices works i bet it would be a gruesome battle Smiley Frustrated


Anyone who had a first hand experience in filing and dealing with BIR? 

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.