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@John Paul Z wrote:

Hey! Good Day y'all.


If there is anyone I can talk to regarding the step by step procedure on how to register myself as a self-employed tax payer here in the Philippines would be highly appreciated.


I thought you "read the entire convo", John Paul.  I am referring to your other Asia Pacific post.  But I understand.  Reading is one thing.  Understanding what we have read is another thing.

Just a heads up, i dont know anything about BIR and stuff. Im totally dumb when it comes to these things.


I understand.  I used to be employed and someone else was processing my tax documents for me.  But I do not agree with you that you are totally dumb about BIR since that word is reflected in your payslip at least twice a month while you were still employed as what your profile indicate.  Are you referring to BIR as a thing?


I spoke to an accountant who was referred by a friend and was informed I cant be registered as a sole prorietor because I dont have a business I tried to explain that im offering my skill as my service to my clients (i know it doesnt sound right lol) but she just insists its not possible where i know infact that its possible based on some articles i read online.


I am a BIR-registered self-employed individual.  We are business individuals here, John Paul.  We're like LBC or DHL or UPS.  LBC transacts business outside the Philippines.  Upwork processes our payments, provides such a space as this forum.  Upwork is not our employer.  It is THE MALL.  And we are the boutique owners.  Are boutique owners business individuals who issue receipts/invoices to their clients in exchange for products or services that have been rendered?

Makes me wonder, maybe the process would eat up all of your energy and knowing how gov't offices works i bet it would be a gruesome battle Smiley Frustrated


Any process is built on either evolution or entropy, John Paul.  It depends on your perspective. 


I understand why you would hesitate to declare yourself as a self-employed individual, that is, based on "your" knowledge of how government offices work. And we're talking about Caloocan here.  What do you propose then?


Anyone who had a first hand experience in filing and dealing with BIR? 


I already answered your question, I guess.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


I am not a client so I can't hire you.  I simply have experience when it comes to paying taxes as a self-employed individual in the Philippines.