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"I thought you "read the entire convo", John Paul.  I am referring to your other Asia Pacific post.  But I understand.  Reading is one thing.  Understanding what we have read is another thing."


--> Yes I did read the entire convo on the other thread but still there are a lot of things I dont understand. On top of the list is how to change/register your TIN from "normal employee" to a self-employed professional tax payer. I saw this BIR form 1905 and my nose already bleed lol hahaha 




I didnt see anything that refers to that change of activity. So I felt like first step, im already facing a wall lol hahaha


"I am a BIR-registered self-employed individual.  We are business individuals here, John Paul.  We're like LBC or DHL or UPS.  LBC transacts business outside the Philippines.  Upwork processes our payments, provides such a space as this forum.  Upwork is not our employer.  It is THE MALL.  And we are the boutique owners.  Are boutique owners business individuals who issue receipts/invoices to their clients in exchange for products or services that have been rendered?"


--> precisely my point, I did explain to him what I would like to happen but he just said its not possible (or maybe I was not able to explain it well) I didnt argue he's "the accountant" eh but I know its possible. I just dont know how


"I understand why you would hesitate to declare yourself as a self-employed individual, that is, based on "your" knowledge of how government offices work. And we're talking about Caloocan here.  What do you propose then?"


--> Well I still want to pay my taxes (for the love of the country lol) and I know how important having an ITR (loans etc) Its quite hard to prove that you are earning if you dont have that proof of income. Also on the other thread, I remember somethig about a Professional Tax Receipt and with that, you can work anywhere in the Philippines (legally speaking atleast)


Im also thinking of going directly at my current RDO (from my previous company) and ask the procedure but if I dont know what im talking about and if im not lucky enough to get someone who's knowledgable from a BIR official.  so "nganga" lol hahaha