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@Ella Joy V wrote:

Yes, I explained to Pagibig staff that I am a freelancer and the certificate clearly stated that Upwork is not the employer. I've read other articles of Upworkers who got their Pagibig loan approved, and I've submitted everything that they submitted too --- 12 months vouchers, certifications, bank statements, etc. I am wondering why this staff wants the ID, and its impossible to get it. What else can I do? Smiley Frustrated

I finally found the need for vouchers.  My most recent experience as regards petty cash vouchers has to deal with my need for some form of evidence that I paid a certain amount for my internet consumption and PC rent at internet cafes.  Some of these business establishments do not release official receipts.  I just do not know why they are allowed to operate their business.  But anyway, these business managers will have to deal with their own tax problems later on.  I have these vouchers filed and attached to my Cash Disbursement Ledger.