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My son and I went for a biking expedition inside the subdivision a while ago and we found out that it might take long before the move-in event can actually take place (if ever it will be possible at all).  Some roads and drainage systems are still under construction.  Most houses are barely finished although the exteriors have been painted already.  The unit does not have bathroom fixtures yet.  The ceiling at the second floor is thoroughly absent as the skeleton of electrical wire structures coated in what seems to be corrugated orange plastics are bluntly exposed.  What I understand is that unless the unit is 100% constructed, Pag-IBIG will not begin to process the project (even if documents have already been filed and full equity payments have been made).  Consequently, there will be no turning-over ceremony to happen.




From the looks of it, it seems that freelancers, although considered as dollar-earners, need to collaborate with overseas Filipino workers in order to establish a significant pull as regards the approval of the project.  Furthermore, freelancers who are home-based, while considered as credible business individuals owing to the fact that they are tax payers, are not X Factor celebrities. One who pays taxes need to be clear about expectations as regards benefits that may be derived from doing what a citizen of the country rightly needs to do.


It is business.  It is not about recognizing what freelancers do to the country economically.  I personally think that it is about daring to dream and asking questions.  It just surprised me that this simple endeavor can actually unmask almost all human relationships I have.  For everything that I experienced while having this project in mind, it is still this platform that I choose.