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the eBIRforms is confusing. No need to create an account or register via BIR website. Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) facility is mandatory only for certain identified business users as follows:


  • Large Taxpayers (RR#2-2002);
  • Top 10,000 Corporations (RR#5-2004);
  • Top 20,000 Corporations (RR#3-2009);
  • Insurance Companies and Stock Brokers (RMC#71-2004);
  • Corporations with paid-up capital stock of 10 Million and above (RR# 10-2007);
  • Corporations with complete computerized system (RR#10-2007)
  • All Government Bidders pursuant to EO 398 as implemented by (RR# 3-2005)
  • Top 5,000 Individual Taxpayer (RMC# 69-2009)
  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) (RR 1-2010)


However, if you are not one of those identified but have the intention of using eFPS, you can submit a Letter of Intent addressed to the Revenue District Office (RDO) where you are registered, for proper evaluation and approval.  You can only enroll and eventually log on to the eFPS website upon approval of your application. Please coordinate with the Taxpayer Service Section (TSS) of your RDO. (WHICH WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO HAHA)



You can simply follow the steps provided by Ms. Juvy and then install in on your pc, open the program, put in all the details needed then when you submit just ensure your connected online and viola . you'll receive a confirmation email from BIR with the email add you entered in the program. something similar to this.