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Noted now on the EbirFroms Thank much!! Smiley Happy 

Regarding Annual income tax payment does we really need an accountant sign for our reports and 1701 Annual Income Tax Return ? how is your preparation for this ? thus you hire an accountant to do this for you ms Juvy?






About this Im not entirely sure if this is really needed cos I know some individuals who do their 1701 without a help from an accountant. They werent scolded or anything by the BIR. I would assume its fine but honestly I would hire an accountant for the 1701 to make sure everything is accurately done.

As for the 2551M and 1701Q , I dont have problems doing it on my own though I just need to watch out the 150K benchmark for the 1701Q cos an accountant told me that it would require an accountant to sign it or something like that. Im not sure though *wink cos "i dont reach 150K" per quarterly LOL hahahahaha *wink