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@Margareth M wrote:

Hi Paul, 

Thanks for all the help I manage to pay my 3% already mannualy but for this coming payment will use the Ebir form Smiley Happy I just have question since I have registered sa Bir last May 2017 and I have no first Quarter filling for 1st Quarterly income tax wich is now August 15 is the due for 2nd Quarterly income tax.. i tried to fill up the form attached bellow but cant input the #34 field which says Taxable income for this Quarter... pls let me know how can I file my 2nd quarter using this ebir form....  why # 35 says that "Add taxable income Previous Quarter (s) " thus when you file 2nd Quarter via Ebir same #fields to input?


can you enlighten me how to file for 2nd quarter which fields need to fill out and which are not.. 




 Hi Margareth,


Let me try.  If you haven't filed for the first quarter because you recently registered then the most logical figure to write would be zero.  All inconsistencies will be detected, anyway.  If you have mistakenly added an information, all that is needed is to resubmit an amended return.  The system allows for as many amendments as we can possibly make.  We just have to make sure that the last amendment is the one that the agent bank will receive.


The best date to prepare the 2nd quarter form will be two weeks after the last week of the quarter as the security period will have to be considered


Moving fast forward, I discovered that there is better way to release invoices to our clients.  I used to do the document method but just recently I bumped into using 'photo' as my default when scanning invoices.  it's quicker since the steps that would be necessary will be to preview the invoice, scan and import it to the appropriate folder.