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I agree with Kavindu.

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Hello Guys. 

i am using direct bank tranfer from my payoneer account. that takes around 6hrs to tranfer if you made the tranfer in early morning. this bank tranfer does not cost anything at all. It is much better and cheaper than payoneer ATM withdrawal 


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Thanks Chalitha, I will check that out Smiley Happy

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Hi Fellow Sri Lankan upworkers,


I have recently started working with upwork. This discussion was really helpful to me. I would like to add few finding and few questions here.


1) There are few concerns regarding the skrill option. Refer this thread for more information.
2) I had a discussion with payoneer customer care. As they mentioned, there is no option to withdraw money to Sri Lankan bank in USD. They only supports LKR. So I think RFC account is no use here.
3) This is a question I have. If we are to use the option "Wire Transfer (USD)", will they transfer money in USD. I'm wondering weather they can transfer the money to RFC account?

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Hi Yasas, 

1. Yes those are called intermediary bank charges and as Petra said Skrill might also convert your personal Skrill account to a Merchant account at any point in time so it's always better to use Upwork's USD wire transfer option as it only costs a fixed fee of $30. 

2. Thanks for sharing this information. 


3. Yes you can directly withdraw money in USD to your RFC. Smiley Happy

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Thanks Shehan,


So this left us only 2 reliable options.


1) Payoneer local bank withdrawal  - in LKR, which Payoneer will have the control over conversion rates.

2) Upwork Wire Transfer (USD) to RFC - in USD, $30 fixed fee per withdrawal.



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You're very welcome Yasas. I couldn't agree more Smiley Happy

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Today, I got an email announcing the expansion of Direct to Local Bank (formerly known as Local Funds Transfer) withdrawal option to Sri Lankans as well. This could be a great news if there are no other charges than mentioned would be involved in the process.

You can find the announcement in detail here:

I just added the option in my account but it'll take 3 days to be active. One issue I'm having at the moment if it matters at all is the branch number of the local bank doesn't get saved. Every time I go back to the edit screen the field is blanked. Also I noticed there is no such a field for the branch number in my wire transfer record of the same bank account (which was I've been using for withdrawals successfully), and both records have the details of the head office branch as the bank name and address. So I hope since I've the correct account number the bank system would handle the branch details by itself just like how the wire transfer is working.

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Hello fellow Lankans,


I'm new to  upwork and paypal. Clarify me, funds can be deposited to our Paypal account but cannot be withdrawn in Sri Lanka.


For e.g: if i do a work for a client he/she can transfer that amount to my paypal account. I can use that amount on ebay or amazon. am i right?

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Hi Mohamed R,


Your earnings will first go to upwork. Then you can use one of the withdrawal methods to collect money.

Paypal is one of the withdrawal method. But unfortunately you can't even receive money to a Sri Lankan Paypal account. It's only send and nothing else for a Sri Lankan paypal account.

Just go here and select Sri Lanka... you can see it yourself. 



Yasas K