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In the midst of climactic crises prevailing in the US and with so many platform users who may have had to leave their homes and abandon other prized possessions so their lives may be saved, I know this update is completely useless.


But as early as 05 September 2017, the credit investigation team started doing their task already.  However, I could not receive their call as it (the number) was not identified by my phone.


Today, I received a text message stating that I need to resubmit an authenticated copy of my 2016 ITR.  They seem to want the BIR-stamped copy together with the official receipt of the certficate fee and the documentary stamp.  I had to recall how I did it last time and what steps I missed in the process.


I decided to draft a letter addressed to the Administrative Assistant of the office concerned requesting for a Certified True Copy of my ITR for the year 2016.


The said document has to be submitted tomorrow.