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Last Friday, I submitted the letter requesting for an authenticated copy of my ITR from BIR.  When I reached the Office of the Administrative Assistant, I was told that the officer was having a seminar for two days and will be assuming her office roles next week.


So I went to the officer who could, at least, receive the letter on behalf of the Administrative Assistant.  The lady was very accommodating and went the extra mile by checking my records at the database.


To my horror, she announced that I am SUSPENDED.  When I heard her declaration, every neuron in my body seemed to react by racing against each other.


I asked the officer why I had a suspended status when I have been paying my dues diligently.  I showed her the original copy of my latest ITR.  She then asked for a photocopy of my ITR and began to reconcile the figures in the paper and those which have been entered into the database.


After several mouse clicks and ENTER key hits, she was done sorting the issue out and finally said, "This is okay." She further told me to return next week in order to get the signed authenticated copy of my 2016 ITR.


The take-home message arising from this incident is for me to make sure that I have hard or backup copies of everything that I submit via the database.  BIR may have a secure website as it follows the HTTPS protocol but not everything gets to be updated on time.