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Last December 11, 2017, I discovered that the housing loan has not been approved yet and that the word “approved” is used at every stage of the Pag-IBIG housing loan.


I was notified via email that our “Pag-Ibig housing loan docs is for annotation” and that “the Transfer Certificate of Title” is to be delivered to the Registry of Deeds.   Moreover, the email stated that our loan application “will be taken-out” by Pag-IBIG, either this month or the first three months of 2018.  We are asked to wait for a maximum of six months more.  I think that the speed of the loan processing is synonymous to how fast I respond to posts at this forum.  I know this because the internet reminds me often that it takes me “too long to respond”.


The email was a result of my appeal for an “early move-in procedure” which was supposed to be granted last April, 2017 which was later moved to July then November – and now January (and possibly March, 2018).  Good luck to us.


Apparently, the apartment owner is about to accept a new occupant since we have already consumed our rent deposit for two months and business indicators were telling us to move out as we are jeopardizing their capability to earn and, consequently, feed their workers and families.

So I summoned enough courage to go to the Developer’s Office again and my concern was attended to by a Customer Service Representative who, upon hearing my request for an “early move-in procedure”, recommended me to the Marketing Manager (whom I never met in the ordeal I have had last week).


It looks like the reservation of the property was made with a realty corporation that is under another developer which has a sister company situated in the area where the Marketing Manager holds her office in an intermittent fashion.  The people who assisted me in the “grievance workshop” were amiable, soft-spoken, patient key personnel and one of them was the one who sent me the email stating the current status of the housing loan.


The air-conditioned room was extremely quiet and it seemed like I owned the stage with my audience locked in their cubicles.  The “interview” seemed like a scrutiny of my character, temperament, patience, initiative, and ability to do introspection.  The people who emerged from their cubicles from time to time were of various age brackets.  I saw someone sporting the hair of Bob Marley.  Another was of short stature and of a structurally-obvious back problem – but I was told that the room is filled with architects, engineers – in fact, the brightest minds in the company.


Our discussion went from one topic to another – essentially we drifted from where I graduated to its implication on the possibility that I might be a member of the “New People’s Army (hence, a terrorist!) which, somehow, made me ask myself if there were FBIs in the room and that I am actually being suspected of a crime I may not know about.  I, actually, used this as grounds for my request to move into the Pag-IBIG unit as moving from one place to another increases the likelihood of this suspicion and actually harms the business that I am running.  Upon introspection later that day, I figured how vulnerable we, freelance contractors are in this globally massive effort to eradicate terrorism in all its forms. 


As for the FBI thing, the first thing that I did for my professional development this week was to learn that the mouse is an external device while rats are inside my PC and can enable someone with sophisticated technology to have access to my webcam even without the LED warning signal.


Meanwhile, our Pag-IBIG housing loan documents are in the process of getting annotated and that the “Transfer Certificate of Title” is on its way to the Registry of Deeds and that our loan application has not been “taken-out” by Pag-IBIG yet and that the marketing document specialists are having sleepless nights over these housing projects which are under their care and that prospective occupants of the apartment where we are staying may be extremely exasperated while gnashing their teeth and cursing at us by now.


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