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Hello Juvy Ann


First I would like to congratulate you for getting things done and thank you for journaling your experience here at Upwork so others could learn and be inspired by your experience.  I have followed your journal from the beginning and although I didn't read all of the sentences (there were just so many Smiley Happy ), I must say that you have so much diligence writing your story that you could actually extract it and write a blog out of it (if you have not done so yet, and if it's allowed under the terms here at Upwork ). A lot of freelancers out there would surely benefit from it. 


I'm a freelancer newbie, my profile just got approved/activated yesterday (Yay!!!) and so I started reading a lot of different things like how to get paid (very important Smiley Wink how to transfer payment to my account (PayPal and bank account), and then I came across your journal, again thanks for sharing. 


So I'll be doing a lot of searches here I guess, if it is allowed I am open to working in a team. I am currently based in Dubai but very easy to reach online. 




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