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Hello Juvy Ann


First I would like to congratulate you for getting things done and thank you for journaling your experience here at Upwork so others could learn and be inspired by your experience.  I have followed your journal from the beginning and although I didn't read all of the sentences (there were just so many Smiley Happy ), I must say that you have so much diligence writing your story that you could actually extract it and write a blog out of it (if you have not done so yet, and if it's allowed under the terms here at Upwork ). A lot of freelancers out there would surely benefit from it. 


I'm a freelancer newbie, my profile just got approved/activated yesterday (Yay!!!) and so I started reading a lot of different things like how to get paid (very important Smiley Wink how to transfer payment to my account (PayPal and bank account), and then I came across your journal, again thanks for sharing. 


So I'll be doing a lot of searches here I guess, if it is allowed I am open to working in a team. I am currently based in Dubai but very easy to reach online. 




There are no traffic jams on the extra mile - Zig Ziglar

I am equally honored by your reply to my post since you are our country's economic heroine yourself.  Under the Pag-IBIG OFW category, you can already launch your own dream if you haven't started yet and you're interested to pursue it.  In addition to the list I included in my previous post, I must say that I am hugely indebted to my mentors here at the community.  They exposed me to the tax and investment culture.  Conversations with Margarete and Joachim, for intance, have been very helpful. I have come to realize that many European countries and the US are progressive because their citizens are hard working and they have a different mindset.  


An OFW may opt for the Pag-IBIG business category if the stint is not going to last a lifetime (which is most likely to be the case).  Tax documents would be necessary.  Right now you are tax-exempt, am I correct? Time will come when you will need to have those documents.


I am saying this from experience.  For one, I am grateful that BDO has this investment scheme which can be used for financing a college dream  or for retirement or for emergency purposes.  They have this cash payout thing which happens every after two years.  So I think that it was a wise move to have invested in such a product.  I am grateful to their financial advisor who facilitated the entire process so we could avail of the profits at the time when we need funds the most.  Where is the wicked Ms. Jennifer M who advised me to do this?  Hahaha!  Many of the things that I learned from my mentors here were not scams.  I think that the law of attraction is in effect almost every possible opportunity.  We just cultivate the goodness in us and the universe will offer us the best people to reflect who we are.


In regards to the intellectual property stuff, what I know is that Upwork owns the right to every post in all of these forums.  However, I wish to seek clarification as to the extent that IP can be enforced.  I hope one of the moderators will be able to comment on the following queries:


If a local client would seek to have me talk in public about housing benefits for Filipino freelancers, for instance, can I tell them the entire story in a verbatim manner?  If I deviate from the original plot and retell the story from my son's point of view, will that be a cause for my account to get suspended?  Should I tell my local client to first set up a client's account before they can invite me to talk about these things?  And if I happen to be a user of this platform and I own a blogging site, what restrictions does Upwork have in regards to extracting information from any of these posts to my full satisfaction and that of my website visitors?