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The house is now able to operate in a functional manner as it has electricity and water supply and an add-on feature to boost my internet connection.


To my relief and satisfaction and despite my inability to advance into the construction bond mode, I was allowed by the Site Engineer and the Subdivision Administrator to have a long stick erected at the nearby MERALCO post so as to have my internet antenna high up into the air.


I got to differentiate between the in-house and "express" (this means fast) operations of my internet provider.  Why, I got to have a proper garage sale and my refrigerator and washing machine have finally left the house.  I am grateful to the people who participated in my garage sale.


The realty developer gifted me and possibly each homeowner the following items:


1) Sassin International Electric breaker device

2) Safari electric meter device

3) shower hose and head

4) bathroom faucet

5) sink faucet

6) lavatory faucet


I am grateful to the Site Engineer and the Subdivison Administrator and their team for these gifts.


The house is also equipped with a new business facility -- a trash or waste reduction option.  A few weeks ago I tried to segregate my household wastes into biodegradable, plastics, cans, white paper, and colored paper.  I brought recyclable items to the nearest junk shop and I earned Php 10.00.  Just when the junk shop owner was about to dismiss me, I handed a sales invoice to him and you may imagine the look on his face at that instant.


My freelancing business has been Google-verified just recently.  When was the last time I received a postcard?  Google has a certain way of making me feel special.  Every year since I became a freelancer, I get to have a birthday cake.  And now, a postcard.  I am overwhelmed.  I am grateful.


Going back to my internet connection affair, I found out that for an additional fee of roughly Php 100.00, it is possible to have my internet plan upgraded.  The download speed has increased from 2.00 mbps to 10 mbps.  This is exciting for me.  I prefer this feature over the Netflix and HOOQ experiences. 


I also got a new landline handset.  What is peculiar about the phone is that it is intended for calls to the same network and its affiliates only.  Figuring out the landline number was challenging as there were minimal clues that agents left me with.  The thing that has saddened me is the fact that my old landline number has been terminated. After going through the grief process which was facilitated by another customer who shared my fate, I summoned enough courage to purchase a new sim card which, by the way, costs Php 40.00 only, and used this as a call substrate.  That was how I got to figure out my new landline number.


Losing access to my old landline number makes me want to have another set of calling cards.  But right now, I am sticking with what I have and adding the new numbers into each card manually.


In summary, nothing is really new about acquiring a property such as a house and lot.  It still revolves around the basic premise of life -- loss, mystery, connections.


A Jesuit once told a story about luck and up to this time, I am still listening to that story, quite mesmerized and filled with gratitude.