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Hello all,
My account was accepted to bid a couple of days ago. I was so hyped to see that because I was trying to get approved for the last couple of months. Then I took some exam and upgraded my portfolio doing some projects and research in my own regard. Thanks to the admin for giving me the approval and chance to work in here. I saw Rising Talent program for new Freelancers. But I have an issue here which threw me on a loop.

Rising talent requires submitting proposals regularly relating to my skill.
Most entry or intermediate level jobs require Rising talent and Job success score around 80-90% (So, my proposal won't stand out, right?)
 And again if I bid so many, I think my account will be suspended showing my skills are not enough to board my ship here. 
What to do now?
Can anyone show me the right way to move forward or clear the right conception here?

Facing this fear, I can't bid for jobs.