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@Roushan S wrote:


If i transfer 20 $ from upwork  can u tell me how much in $ would i get in bank account


My bank is SBI

please deduct  .99 $ as upwork transaction fees

If  I earn $20.00 on a specific contract with a new client, I will receive $16.00.  From $16.00 I will deduct the direct-to-local-bank transaction fee of $0.99 so that will become $15.01 and then if I multiply it with the FOREX rate -- say for instance $1.00 = Php 50.00 -- then I will have earned Php 750.50 from working on that specific task/project.


Upwork transaction fees do not exist.  What seems to exist are the Upwork service fees and bank transaction fees -- both of which are tax-free.  I am not sure if this is still true as systems seems to be in a state of progressive evolution.  What I like most are the clip found at the left side of the white tab for messages and attachments, bolder colours that are good for my eyes, my current job feed, this great client who showers me with gracious remarks, and the chance to be subjected to the rigors of discipline fit only for the members of the TR House.